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Dear Committee:


Hello and thank you for making this exciting opportunity available. I am Da’Shika Street, wife, stay-at-home mom of 3, and founder of Project Sew United -- a decor and accessories brand based in Akron, Ohio.


I learned to sew at 8-years old and dreamt of becoming a fashion designer developing statement pieces for individuals from all walks of life. As I grew and life became more complex, that dream seemed to grow more and more distant until it became nearly nonexistent. However; in 2020 I was able to revive a fragment of that dream -- activating my sewing talents to make face masks and home decor for individuals in my community and across the country. However, as requests continue to come in, I find myself having to turn down sewing/designing opportunities due to lack of physical space to take on the work. My entire operation takes place between family meals at my dining room table. It’s there that I’ve sewn thousands of face masks, made custom garments, draperies, pillows and so much more -- but I’ve outgrown my home and am in need of an opportunity to scale.


Being selected as a winner for the Unleashing Potential Grant would provide me with the funds needed to rent space away from home where I’d have the ability to take on more customers, showcase my work and focus on my dream without interruptions. It would also allow me to assist my husband in supporting our family.


My mother once said, “it’s okay to live with a dream inside of you; it’s not okay to die with it on the inside.” I’ve had this talent and this dream inside of me for over 30-years and feel I finally have the opportunity to unleash the fullness of it.


Thank you for being willing to give dreams a new life. I am grateful to have been named a candidate worthy of applying for this amazing opportunity and I would be honored to be selected as a recipient of the $10K funding.

Please enjoy a visual snippet of my brand.

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Da Shika Logo B&Y PNG.png
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